Preview: Four Lions

Adeel Akhtar in Four Lions

Chris Morris’s Four Lions takes ‘home grown’ British suicide bombers beyond media stereotypes providing a portrayal that is both accurate and very funny.

Omar is disillusioned about the treatment of Muslims around the world and wants to strike at the heart of the enemy. Waj will die for the cause – life’s just being stuck in the queue at Alton Towers – he wants to spend eternity on Rubber Dinghy Rapids. But opposed to Omar, and almost everyone else on earth, is white convert Barry.

While Omar takes Waj to training camp, Barry recruits Hassan – a student so keen to prove he’s for real, he’ll bomb a mosque to kick off the End Times. Faisal is co-opted to make a bomb but wants it delivered by a kamikaze crow. United in grand purpose but divided in method, Omar’s crew must strike a decisive blow on their own turf but can any of them strike a match without punching himself in the face?

Written by Morris with Peep Show‘s Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, and starring Riz Ahmed (Shifty, Road to Guantanamo), Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker), Nigel Lindsay, Arsher Ali and Adeel Akhtar, Four Lions finds surprising light and shade in its incendiary subject.

Four Lions

Friday at 11.35pm on FilmFour

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