Friday Night Dinner: The Dress

The Dress

Mum’s angry when she finds out that Dad didn’t throw away his old boxes of science magazines in their clear-out. So Dad builds a bonfire and promises he’ll burn them all. But Dad is only pretending to burn them, instead squirrelling the boxes off to his shed. Mum is excited as her best friend, Val, is popping around with her new dress for her daughter Karen’s wedding. Adam and Jonny are convinced Karen has a face like a foot. Meanwhile, Jim is distraught when his dog, Wilson, goes missing. Later, Val comes round. She looks just like Mum: similar hair, similar clothes and – according to Dad – ‘similar bottoms’. She tries on her dress. The men are instantly bored. Will Jim ever find Wilson, and will Mum venture once again into Dad’s shed to discover the truth behind his pretend bonfire?

Friday Night Dinner: The Dress – Friday 11.35pm on Channel 4