Gentleman Jack Changed My Life

Gentleman Jack Changed My Life

This uplifting documentary follows British women of all ages who have taken inspiration from Anne Lister, the 19th-century lesbian at the centre of drama series Gentleman Jack, with dramatic results. That includes coming out to themselves, their children, their parents and grandparents.

In her sixties, Yvonne only realised she was gay when she watched the TV show. She has been a Mormon all her adult life, but is now in conflict with her faith after discovering her true sexuality.

In Manchester, Sami tried to come out to her mum ten years ago, but went straight back in the closet after a hostile response. The portrayal of Anne Lister in the drama gives her the confidence to try again and heal the rift with her mum.

Pauline and Trixie are in their eighties. Despite enjoying a long-term relationship, they parted 35 years ago because they felt it was impossible for them to live openly as a lesbian couple. Having watched Gentleman Jack, Pauline was spurred into action to track Trixie down.

Active churchgoers Isabel and Katie sing in their church choir every weekend. Seeing Anne Lister and her lover Ann Walker take communion in the drama has inspired them to fight for the dream religious wedding the Church of England is still denying them.

Gentleman Jack Changed My Life – Tuesday 10.40pm on BBC1

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