Preview: George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George Clarke celebrates small-space builders and unveils one of his most ambitious and personal builds, as he sets out to create a stunning, one-off Arts and Crafts caravan to replace the eccentric static he built in his first-ever series. And he’s not alone when it comes to ambition, adventure, and amazing builds, as he discovers an array of unlikely projects; from a converted plane to a boat sunk into a back garden.

In this episode, George heads west to meet a young woman who plans to get on the property ladder by building her own tiny home, even though she’s never done any DIY. Travelling north to a special educational needs school, he meets a teacher who’s trying to turn a train into a library.

Going east, George visits a miniature arts space that’s brought a broken Victorian building back to life. And moving south, he helps to put the exterior cladding on his caravan and descends deep into the UK’s last working slate mine in search of the perfect kitchen worktop. Plus, in Israel, George treks to the desert to learn how to build mud walls at a kibbutz.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Monday at 8.00pm on Channel 4.

Image: ©Channel 4.

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