Pick of the day: Ghislaine: Partner in Crime

Ghislaine: Partner in Crime

Ghislaine Maxwell was born into wealth and power, yet she now faces disgrace and a lengthy jail sentence.

How did this come about and how did the trial decide her fate?

The death of Ghislaine’s father and the disgrace of his fraudulent behaviour forced her to flee London and move to New York, where she soon met and became the lover of Jeffrey Epstein, a rich businessman with a hidden past.

The series investigates how they were inextricably linked for ten years and during that time countless young women were groomed into abusive relationships with Epstein.

Friends of the couple at the time like Victoria Hervey, Couri Hay or yoga teacher Maxine Tobias all testify to the nature of Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship.

Ghislaine: Partner in Crime

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