Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs

Scotlands Lochs

In this episode, Paul heads to one of Britain’s remotest railway stations. Miles from any road, it was built to service several grand sporting lodges in the days when the rich and fashionable came to shoot game and fish the lochs of the Flow Country. Heading into the wilderness, Paul discovers a legacy of habitation before the Highland clearances, and learns how early industrial plans to exploit the vast reserves of peat would have destroyed an ecosystem which is now valued throughout the world for its wild beauty. Paul then pans for gold in an icy river before heading for a miracle cure at the Lourdes of the north – the tiny, deserted Loch ma Naire. Journey’s end is on the sands of the Kyle of Tongue, where Paul learns about a consignment of Jacobite gold that could have changed history.

Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs – Friday 8pm on BBC2