Guy’s Garage

Guy's Garage

Guy Martin may have made his name as a daredevil motorcycle racer, but he’s never happier than when he’s tinkering with some crazy machine in his garage. In this episode, Guy gets to grips with one of the most successful British cars of all time – the Land Rover Defender.

He wants to build a super-fast off-road version capable of racing at speeds of up to 100mph. With help from Guy’s right-hand man Camy and expert builder Dave Billings, a rusting heap of a vehicle slowly transforms into something amazing. Guy heads to Wales to race his creation. He needs to complete a gruelling six-mile off road course six times. But in appalling conditions with torrential rain battering the track and everything turning to mud, Guy faces a catalogue of challenges as simple survival becomes his goal.

Guy’s Garage – Monday 9pm on Channel 4

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