Hairy Bikers: Route 66

Hairy Bikers Route 66

On the second leg of their Route 66 adventure, Dave and Si set out to discover what lies beneath the legend of this iconic road – a journey which takes them through three states.

At a biker bar in Missouri they are inspired to go fishing on the Big Piney river, before cooking up a dish of blackened fish and dirty corn for the bar’s regulars. Heading west, they then visit a roadside museum described as a love letter to Route 66. The current owner, like her father before her, is passionate about keeping the magic of the fabled road alive.

Next, the bikers ride the route’s thirteen miles through the state of Kansas, stopping for lunch at Old Riverton Store, its oldest continuously operating grocery store. Crossing into Oklahoma, they reach the city of Tulsa, where they realise that since leaving Chicago they have travelled as far south as west, which inspires a visit to the city’s best-known soul food joint. Here they learn of one of the darker chapters in American history, the Tulsa Race Massacre. In 1921, an incident in downtown Tulsa sparked conflict between the city’s white and black communities. The result was the near destruction of Greenwood, the prosperous African American quarter.

After checking out the Woody Guthrie Centre, the bikers get back in touch with Route 66’s present at the Mother Road Food Market. Here they test their skills at its try-out kitchen. How will the locals take to the boys’ yorkshire pudding wraps?

Finally, Dave and Si head out to a remote patch of rural Oklahoma to spend time and cook with members of the Cherokee nation.

Hairy Bikers: Route 66 – Tuesday 7pm on BBC2

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