Preview: Grand Designs House of the Year

Grand Designs House of the Year

Kevin McCloud continues his nationwide journey to explore the spectacular homes in the running for the 2022 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) House of the Year award.

Each week, Kevin’s joined by architect Damion Burrows, design expert Michelle Ogundehin and, new to this series, conservation architect Natasha Huq, as they exclusively reveal which houses the RIBA judges have put through to the shortlist, and in the final programme, announce the winner of this prestigious prize. In this episode, pioneering houses have been grouped together.

There’s a suburban home that pioneers a new architectural style by fusing mock-Tudor, modernism and industrial chic; a Derbyshire home that experiments with reorganising space; a trailblazing example of small-space design squeezed into London infill plot; a ground-breaking eco-extension of a historic cottage in Suffolk; and a mind-blowingly original remodelled London home, complete with a mountain on the roof, which defies all the rules of conventional taste. Which of them will make it onto the shortlist for the coveted big prize?

Grand Designs House of the Year

Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

Image: Channel 4/Pete Dadds.

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