Preview: How To Crack The Class System

How To Crack The Class System - Amol Rajan

Why are young people from working-class backgrounds faced with barriers when trying to break into some elite professions? Amol Rajan investigates classism in Britain’s top jobs as he searches for possible solutions.

In this new two-part series, Amol Rajan meets people who have found their own ways to hack the class system, from a school etiquette class to a university soft-skills workshop. But with industries such as banking and the law traditionally dominated by the middle classes, can these tips and tricks help candidates with less privileged backgrounds secure their dream jobs?

Amol follows the progress of young people trying to get into the law, civil service and the City. Chris feels his Hull accent will hold him back and Adnan wonders whether to talk about his working-class background in finance interviews.

Paige is worried she doesn’t look and sound like a typical barrister. “People need money behind them, or privilege behind them, to be able to succeed,” she says.

Despite qualifying as a barrister, and following a series of knock-backs that affected her confidence, the financial burden means she decides to go down the solicitor route and give up her dream job – for now.

How To Crack The Class System

Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Image: Samuel Palmer; BBC.

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