How to watch EURO 2020 on TV

where to watch euro2020

With the 2020 UEFA European Championships scheduled to take place this summer, there will be many that are trying to find out the best ways and available methods that they have to be able to watch England, Scotland, Wales and all of the other 21 teams that are involved in the competition go for one of international football’s biggest prizes.

Of course, many in the United Kingdom will be looking to support and cheer on the home nations, with England perhaps having the best chance of achieving glory once the competition gets underway in June.

The Three Lions will certainly have plenty of expectation to do well, especially as they fell short in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals, whilst they also have home advantage; something Scotland also have with games being played at Hampden Park throughout the tournament.

With so much great football and competitive action to get excited about, many will want to know how they can support their teams in the best way possible, which is why we have devised this handy guide about where and how you can go and support the team you are backing.

How to watch

The entire 2020 UEFA European Championships will be shown on BBC and ITV channels throughout the United Kingdom, therefore allowing everyone with a TV and a license to be able to watch the game on the free-to-air channels.

Indeed, those that want to be able to go out and support the team in a potentially electric atmosphere will likely have the opportunity to watch a number of games at venues such as pubs, where they can enjoy the game with friends, and potentially bookmakers where they can get the best Euro 2020 odds possible as they watch the game live.

Furthermore, there will be a number of cities located around the United Kingdom that will have big screens and pop-up screens in which supporters will also be able to gather and enjoy a competitive 2020 UEFA European Championship match together.

London’s Trafalgar Square is set to become a 12,500-capacity fan park for supporters to be able to watch the competition take place on a big screen, whilst Manchester also has plans to allow a large number of fans to be able to watch the games on a big screen, as well. Glasgow is another major city that could also host a fan park.

51 matches to be played in the 2020 UEFA European Championships

With a total of 51 matches scheduled to take place over the duration of the 2020 UEFA European Championships, fans will have plenty of action to watch throughout June and July.

Indeed, with some of the best countries being represented by the biggest and best footballers available, it would be worth knowing when certain fixtures take place, thus eliminating any possibility of missing out on the best action possible.

Which dates could the home nations be playing on?

Whilst it should be noted that the 2020 UEFA European Championships start on Friday 11 June, with Turkey and Italy getting the competition underway, many will be interested in knowing when the home nations play and the dates in which they could compete on in addition, if they are to do well in their respective group stages.

Of course, England and Scotland are both in Group D, therefore their matches will be in and around the same date, whilst Wales will compete in Group A alongside the two opening sides and Switzerland.

Group A matches for Wales are scheduled to take place on Saturday 12 June at 15:00 (Switzerland), Wednesday 16 June at 18:00 (Turkey) and Sunday 20 June at 18:00 (Italy).

Group D will see England and Scotland compete against Croatia and Czech Republic and their fixture rundown looks like the following:

Sunday 13 June: England vs Croatia (15:00)

Monday 14 June: Scotland vs Czech Republic (15:00)

Friday 18 June: England vs Scotland (21:00)

Tuesday 22 June: Both Czech Republic vs England and Croatia vs Scotland (21:00)

Additional dates that could see the home nations continue with their quest to obtain silverware if successful are as follows:

Round of 16: between Saturday 26 June and Tuesday 29 June (depending on group finish)

Quarter-finals: either Friday 2nd July or Saturday 3rd July

Semi-finals: either Tuesday 6 July or Wednesday 7 July

Final: Sunday 11 July