Hungry for It

Hungry for It

It’s chicken week. The cooks get the chance to compete for the prize of a lifetime – getting their spice marinade on to Nando’s menus in over 450 restaurants across the UK. 

In the Level Up, the cooks have to create an extraordinary side dish to go with chicken – and they have just one hour to do it. Those who impress land a spot in the restaurant kitchen, where they are safe from elimination and get to compete for the prize. The others have to fight for survival in the pop-up. 

When service is over, guest judge Trent Devlin, a patrao (senior manager) from Nando’s, picks his winner from the restaurant, and two of the pop-up cooks have to go head-to-head in the Knives Out elimination challenge. 

Hungry for It – Saturday 11.05pm on BBC3

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