Preview: I am Ruth

I Am Ruth

Kate Winslet and Mia Threapleton star in a brand-new feature-length instalment from the BAFTA-nominated and female-led drama anthology series I Am, created by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Dominic Savage.

The fictional storyline for I Am Ruth was developed and co-authored by Savage and Winslet, who together have conceived a story for our times about the endemic mental health crisis affecting young people. The film offers an honest and authentic portrayal of a mother and daughter’s increasingly strained relationship. Winslet stars as Ruth, a loving and concerned mother who witnesses her teenage daughter Freya (Threapleton) retreating into herself as she becomes more and more consumed by the pressures of social media.

I am Ruth

Thursday at 9.00pm on Channel Four.

Image: Joss Barratt.

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