Preview: I Hate You

I Hate You - ep 5

Episode 5 of 6. Jazz

Joyous comedy from Robert Popper about two best friends in their mid-20s – Charlie (Tanya Reynolds) and Becca (Melissa Saint) – and their intense, messy friendship in today’s intense, messy world. The girls go to see Ryan-from-Becca’s-work’s punk band, German Boyfriend, play live. They’re incredibly terrible. Or ‘increditerrible’, as Becca describes them. They bump into Becca’s boss, Mrs Plant (Chetna Pandya), who is so drunk that they need to take her somewhere safe. But when Mrs Plant suffers a bizarre injury involving a chessboard, Charlie and Becca take her to A&E, where they wait for six hours. And so begins a night of no sleep, followed by a day of no sleep, culminating in an exhausting lunch from hell with Charlie’s parents and spoilt, malicious brother Matthew (Harry Trevaldwyn).

I Hate You – Thursday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

Image: Channel 4/Tereza Cervenova