Preview: I Literally Just Told You


Jimmy Carr presents the game show with a unique twist. To win the money, contestants must answer questions that have been written live as the show is being filmed. These questions can be about absolutely anything that happens during the show, from a celebrity cameo to a comment from resident factologist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, or even a joke from Jimmy himself.

The four players are competing for a cash prize of up to £25,000. To win the money, they must use their general knowledge skills to bank cash before using their powers of recall to beat their opponents in the memory rounds. In the nerve-racking final showdown, the two players left standing go head-to-head, answering questions they have chosen for their opponent about what’s just happened in the show. Whoever remembers the most wins the jackpot.

I Literally Just Told You – Friday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

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