Idris Elba’s Fight School

Idris Elba's Fight School

Four weeks in and the next trial fight is looming. Idris needs to see a massive improvement across his entire squad, but first he’s faced with a difficult decision as Sophie’s injury takes a turn for the worst. 

The stress of training and living together is also taking a toll. Tensions brew in the house, and Rachel’s training session is disrupted by arguments as Chanika and Kerryn refuse to spar in the same ring. With Chanika threatening to leave, Idris tries to understand what’s making her unhappy. But just as he makes progress with one student, he’s forced to tackle Naeem who, already on a final warning, has turned up late to class again. 

Idris raises the mood in the house with VIP tickets to his movie premiere, but then it’s back to hard graft as the students square up to a new rival boxing club, determined to test their mettle at their second fight night

Idris Elba’s Fight School – Friday 11.05pm on BBC2

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