Inside KFC: Fast Food Secrets

Inside KFC

KFC is one of the most popular fast food brands in the UK, with more than 17,000 restaurants nationwide. Inside KFC: Fast Food Secrets gets behind the counter of some of the famous fried chicken outlets and discovers what they have to do to make their branch a success. Christian Manolachy has worked in fast food for 18 years and takes pride in his Chorley restaurant being the fastest drive through in the North West. Down south, Caroline Coates operates one of the smallest stores, a new Gatwick restaurant that felt the full brunt of Covid shutdown in a deserted airport. Meanwhile, at HQ, the testing team give the green light to the new Gravy Burger and the all new ‘Gravynaise’, but will the whole chicken deep fried in 11 herbs and spices get approval by the Head of Innovation and join the Colonel’s menu?

Inside KFC: Fast Food Secrets – Sunday 10pm on Channel 4