Inside the Factory – Ice Cream

Inside the Factory - Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Gregg Wallace visits a family-run factory in the heart of rural Aberdeenshire, which churns out more than 49 tonnes of dairy ice cream every day. Gregg is delighted to learn he’s following the entire production of their one-litre tub of honeycomb flavour.

Cherry Healey heads to an ice rink in Hull with headache expert Dr Fayyaz Ahmed and enlists an ice hockey team to test the best methods of stopping brain freeze. She also goes in search of a non-drip ice lolly and follows the tip-top process of how sprinkles are made.

Meanwhile, historian Ruth Goodman hops on board an ice cream van to find out how soft whip became a favourite on Britain’s streets.

Inside the Factory – Ice Cream – Wednesday 9pm on BBC2

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