Inside the Factory

Inside the Factory

Gregg Wallace visits a factory tucked away amongst thatched cottages in the village of Wollaston, Northamptonshire. It may be a tranquil setting, but this factory has been making boots for 120 years, producing footwear for policemen and pop stars alike. Gregg follows every step of production of a pair of original Dr. Martens 1460 leather boots, so called because the factory started making them on the 1st of the 4th 1960.

Meanwhile, Cherry Healey gets to grips with the speedy machines that use 350 metres of yarn to make a single pair of shoelaces. She also learns how to make a pair of children’s wellies and test that they’re fit for the muddiest puddles.

Historian Ruth Goodman reveals the story of a British shoemaker that elevated ladies’ shoes from risqué music hall performers of the 19th century to gracing the feet of the Queen of England. And she explores the origins of football boots as well as the England team’s boot emergency at the 1950 World Cup.

Inside the Factory – Wednesday 9pm on BBC2

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