Ireland to Sydney by Any Means

Ireland to Sydney by Any Means

Ireland to Sydney by Any Means.

Charley and the team are separated from Dubai by the Persian Gulf, where a scheduled container ship will depart for India in a matter of days. Despite encountering pirate-infested waters, they reach India, where the team head straight for the streets of Mumbai to soak up the colours, smells and flavours. Before them is a journey on a cramped sleeper train to reach India’s capital, Delhi.

Disaster strikes as one of the team gets seriously injured and has to drop out, with an emotional goodbye and a return to London for medical attention.

One man down but determined the expedition will continue, the team reach Varanasi, the holy town on the banks of the sacred river Ganges. Charley watches a traditional Arti ceremony and reflects on how much he is drawn to the incredible and varied country, and how much he is looking forward to the other wonderful places that lie ahead.

Ireland to Sydney by Any Means – Monday 11pm on BBC4

Ireland to Sydney by Any Means

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