Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s brand-new series filmed from his home and featuring recipes created for his family continues. Jamie’s challenged himself during lockdown to create some brand-new dishes that he hopes will become new family favourites. He makes problem-solving meals for every need, from quick and tasty dinners to useful staples to add to our regular repertoires, as well as easy but extra-special family favourites and crowd pleasers – all taking inspiration from the average weekly shopping basket and using ingredients many of us already buy. With a glimpse into life at the Oliver household, Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites inspires us all with easy ideas for simple, affordable, delicious meals. In this episode, Jamie puts his twist on a popular dish that’s already a winner for some families: cauliflower cheese. He teams it with spaghetti – another crowd-pleaser – to create a creamy, silky smooth pasta dish that’s hard to resist. Topped off with golden crunchy breadcrumbs, it’s a guaranteed hit. Jamie introduces his son, Buddy, to his first taste of Scotch bonnet chillies in a spicy barbecue chicken burger, with a clever tip to manage the heat to suit any member of the family. And reinventing another family favourite, Jamie offers us a healthier take on the classic chicken Kiev, stuffed with gorgeously garlicky butter that flavours the chicken from the inside out as it cooks. Jamie wraps the chicken in filo pastry instead of breadcrumbs, creating wonderfully light, crispy parcels. Perfect for a get-ahead weekday meal.

Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites – Monday 8.30pm on Channel 4