John & Yoko : Above us Only Sky

john & yoko above us only sky

Scheduled in the week that would have marked John Lennon’s 80th birthday, another chance to see the story of Lennon’s 1971 album Imagine. The underlying message was one of radical engagement, as relevant today as ever. This film reveals the depth of the creative collaboration between John and Yoko and explores how the art, politics and music of the pair are intrinsically entwined. The album, and its iconic title track, shows the genius behind the music that defined a movement and marked an era. Above Us Only Sky recounts a story of hope, justice, empathy and love. Featuring interviews from Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon, David Bailey (photographer), John Dunbar (gallerist who introduced the couple), Dan Richter (Yoko’s neighbour and John’s former personal assistant) and Eddie Veale (studio designer), some of whom have never spoken publicly on film before, as well as previously unseen footage of Lennon and Ono from their private archive. John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky recreates the era’s mood and culture, in the process confirming not only how revolutionary John and Yoko’s writings, commentaries and art were to their time, but also how relevant their message remains today.

John & Yoko : Above us Only Sky – Saturday 11.40pm on Channel 4