Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson returns for more madcap adventures in the spoof spy series that began as a credit card advert. This time MI7’s finest must come out of retirement to unmask a hacker who is threatening to reveal the identity of all Britain’s secret agents… a bit like in 007’s Skyfall, only slightly more rubbery-faced. When Britain’s security systems are hacked, all of its active agents are compromised. The Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) must therefore bring someone out of retirement. And the only available agent is, oh well, the bumbling, bungling Johnny English. Reunited with his long-suffering partner, Bough (Ben Miller), off the pair go to see whether flopping about the place and generally messing things up can somehow, miraculously, get the job done. Also featuring Vicki Pepperdine as Bough’s submarine commander wife, Lydia, Olga Kurylenko as femme fatale Ophelia Bhuletova and Jake Lacy as Jason Volta – the charming, charismatic villain who has the Prime Minister under his spell. Question is, can our hero gurn his way to saving the country?

Johnny English Strikes Again _ Sunday 7.15pm on Channel 4