Killed By A Rich Kid

Killed by a Rich Kid

Seventeen-year-old Yousef Makki was stabbed in the heart by his friend in Hale Barns, one of the country’s most affluent suburbs, on March 2, 2019. Yousef was a council estate kid who won a bursary to one of Manchester’s top private schools. Featuring evidence from the case, including police bodyworn footage, 999 calls, CCTV and crime scene photos, interviews with witnesses from the scene, friends, family, journalists, the police and Crown Prosecution Service, this landmark documentary takes a forensic look at the killing of Yousef Makki and the subsequent trial, acquitting his friend of murder and manslaughter, and the inquest into his death. Three years on from Yousef Makki’s death and his family still have questions about how and why he died. This documentary has filmed with them throughout as they search for answers and pursue an inquest – providing an insight into one family’s experience of the justice system.

Killed By A Rich Kid – Monday 9pm on Channel 4

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