Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

Exhilarating monster mayhem from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts who takes the Kong myth and spins it into a Vietnam-era actioner set on an uncharted Pacific atoll.

A geological survey team are sent to map the mysterious Skull Island – along for the ride are Life magazine photographer Brie Larson, jungle guide/spook Tom Hiddleston and an escort of US soldiers in choppers led by Samuel L Jackson’s Captain Ahab-like Colonel Preston Packard.

Jackson is an old war dog who sees his days of service numbered with the conflict in Vietnam winding down and Kong represents one last shot at earning himself a place in history. It’s a death or glory opportunity and he’s not about to pass it up.

Unfortunately for the guys with the guns, there are quite a lot of giant beasties sharing Kong’s island and the visiting soldiers are soon seen as new menu items.

Accompanied by a thumping period soundtrack, Kong: Skull Island is a ridiculously silly but utterly enjoyable adventure packed with sly humour and solid cameos from the likes of John C Reilly, John Goodman, John Ortiz, Shea Whigham and Brit Toby Kebbell as the giant ape. Great stuff!

Kong: Skull Island – Thursday 9.00pm on Sky Cinema Premier.