Preview – Life and Death Row

Life and Death Row - Preview

With the debate surrounding the morality and fallibility of the death penalty still rife amongst a host of developed countries, BBC2’s documentary series presents life behind closed doors in American prisons – namely on Death Row. In Arkansas, Governor Asa Hutchinson has scheduled the deaths of 8 men within 10 days in order to use up a batch of midazolam (the drug used for lethal injection) before it expires.

Life and Death Row follows the lives –and scheduled deaths – of 8 deaths row inmates, including one man whose family is desperately pleading for a delay to his execution, believing that DNA evidence could yet prove his innocence.  Elsewhere, one inmate’s lawyers are fighting to suspend his sentence on the basis of an unfair trial 24 years after the original case was brought before the court.

Life and Death Row – Sunday 9:00pm on BBC 2 – The whole series is available on BBC3 and BBC Iplayer.