Living Wild: How To Change Your Life (Ep1/2)

Change your life

In this two-part series, Sophie Morgan goes on a road trip across the UK meeting people united by a desire to build new lives around the things they love. In rural Nottinghamshire, Sophie meets Elizabeth, a shepherd who lives outdoors with a flock of rare breed sheep. Sophie tries her hand at sheep shearing and finds out that you need a strong stomach to tan a sheepskin. Amy and Dave turned their backs on high-flying corporate jobs to live in a van so that they could follow their passion of paragliding. Sophie takes to the skies to experience the exhilaration of soaring over the Sussex Downs. Muhsen and his family were living stressful lives in London and felt out of touch with nature. He persuaded three generations of his family to move to Wales and, with absolutely no experience, he took up farming, learning to grow and rear the food they eat. Overlooking the Monmouthshire countryside, the family share with Sophie the highs and lows as well as the rich fulfilment that their new life brings. On a hilltop overlooking the Somerset Levels, Sophie meets Henry, a mobile pianist, who lives and travels with his piano. Sophie joins him for a stunning composing session on a beach at sunset.

Living Wild: How To Change Your Life – Saturday 8.30pm on Channel 4