Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting

Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp

On the 20th anniversary of Location, Location, Location, in this new series Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look back on their 20 years of house-hunting, from chocolate box cottages and future-proof pads, to tackling tough markets and the most memorable offers made. In this episode, Kirstie and Phil look back on 20 years of helping first time buyers. Starting with their first ever televised house-hunt with Kate, Kirstie and Phil pull out all the stops to help get people on the property ladder. Doctors Michelle and Philip live three hours apart and are desperate to buy and start living together. Sam and Jess want a character property and while Jess is keen on renovating, Sam isn’t, which makes for a tricky search. And Ben and Laura are relocating to Birmingham and need help to find the right level of project property to put their stamp on.

Location, Location, Location: 20 Years and Counting – Thursday 8pm on Channel 4