Preview: Louis Theroux Interviews Rita Ora

Louis Theroux Interviews Rita Ora

Episode 6 of 6.

In the series finale, Louis spends time with global popstar Rita Ora.

After being plucked from obscurity by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, Rita has gone on to forge a career as an all-round entertainer, embracing acting roles, lucrative advertising contracts and stints as a TV talent show judge – all while racking up more top ten hits than any other British female singer.

Louis meets Rita at her dad’s pub in West London, where they sit down for a revealing conversation that takes in her rise to stardom and her family’s arrival in the UK after fleeing Kosovo in 1990. Rita also speaks openly about the difficulties she’s faced dealing with intense press scrutiny and speculation about her personal life.

Away from the pub, Louis spends time with Rita on the set of her latest music video in LA, where they bump into her partner – actor and filmmaker Taika Waititi. Louis spends time with Rita’s family at their home, where they describe the hardships they faced after arriving in the UK as refugees. Also, Louis joins Rita as she puts on a spectacular show in Albania, a country close to her heart, and where she has a legion of devoted fans.

Louis Theroux Interviews Rita Ora

Tuesday at 9.30pm on BBC Two.

Image: BBC/Mindhouse/Freddie Claire.

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