Love in the Flesh

Love in the Flesh

It’s day three in the beach house where our five couples are navigating their way through the trials and tribulations of relationships in the real world, having previously only connected online. After a turbulent second day, all the relationships are either flourishing or floundering. Today, it’s crunch time for the couples who are about to encounter their biggest test yet. 

Zara announces the evening’s entertainment with two parties, one at the beach and one by the pool. The couples are divided for the parties so they can have some much-needed space and time to relax and re-evaluate their connections away from their online partners. 

Then, Zara turns the heat up to a hundred as she sends in six singletons to crash the pool party. The singles have all max’d out the dating apps and are looking for love with no filter in the beach house. Tensions run high when the beach party-goers return to find their other halves getting to know the newbies. Will heads have turned?

Love in the Flesh – Wednesday 10pm on BBC3

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