Preview: The Martin Lewis Money Show Live

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live

Martin Lewis steps up to deliver his weekly dose of commonsense consumer finance advice.

With Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon, Martin is tackling the big-spending festive season, in this live special from Battersea and Blackpool.

As well as answering your personal finance questions, Britain’s top money man will be revealing his savvy saving predictions in the annual Festive Forecaster; revealing how you could get free cash in time for Christmas; and hearing from viewers who’ve taken up his ‘no unnecessary presents’ pact.

There’s also the little matter this week of the Autumn Statement – a Budget in all but name, and a painful one at that, if the many trailed ‘cuts’ are true. What will this mean for your pay-packet, your monthly bills and your Christmas spending power? Tune to hear what straight-talking Mr Lewis has to say.

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live – Tuesday at 8.00pm on ITV.

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