Men In Black – International

Men In Black - International

F. Gary Gray directs the fourth instalment of the Men in Black franchise. Molly Wright (Tessa Thompson) is obsessed with all things alien. As a young girl, she witnessed a friendly, Furby-esque creature visiting Earth. And despite the MIB agents’ best efforts to use the neuralizer on her (that flashy pen thingy that makes normal civilians forget what they’ve seen), she retained the memories of her extra-terrestrial encounter. She’s desperate to join a government agency, but the FBI, CIA et al aren’t so keen on her ‘delusional’ alien theories. When she manages to sneak into MIB HQ in New York, top dog Agent O (Emma Thompson) is impressed by her chutzpah, and offers her a position working out of MIB’s London branch, where a crisis is forming in the shape of the Hive, a parasitic race who are threatening Earth’s very existence. Molly gets paired up with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth), who seems pretty indifferent about saving the planet by kicking alien butt, even though his boss, High T (Liam Neeson), says H is ‘one of the best to ever wear the suit’. Why does this supposed superstar agent no longer care about his job? Can the Hive be stopped? And will Frank the Pug (Tim Blaney) from the first two films make a glorious return? (Yes). Also starring Rafe Spall, Rebecca Ferguson and Kayvan Novak.

Men In Black – International – Saturday 8.30pm on Channel 4

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