Michael Mosley – Who Made Britain Fat?

Michael Mosley - Who Made Britain Fat

Journalist and broadcaster Michael Mosley delves into why our politicians seem powerless to reverse – or even halt – the steep rise in Britons living with obesity. Mosley investigates whether the current government’s bold new health plans have any hope of succeeding, seeking answers from political insiders and campaigners. In this concluding episode, he turns his attention to the high streets of Britain, where the food environment has changed beyond recognition. He visits a ‘food swamp’ – a retail mile of only fast food. He reveals the supermarket ‘super list’ and asks whether they’re using their immense power to help consumers make healthy choices. And is the NHS getting it right on obesity? Michael reveals troubling new research from frontline GPs as he puts forward a plan on how to attack the crisis before it overwhelms the NHS. 

Michael Mosley – Who Made Britain Fat – Wednesday 9pm on Channel 4

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