My Mate’s a Bad Date

My Mate's a Bad Date

Larisa is fed up of hearing about her best mate Dami’s latest in a long line of dating fails. He walks out mid-date, interrogates and pulls girls up on their outfits, music choices and lifestyle, and thinks they’re lucky to have him! 

It’s time for an intervention, so Larisa enlists the help of Gen Z’s most trusted sex and relationships expert Oloni to put the 24-year-old Londoner on the spot and help him own up to his disastrous dating habits. Oloni reviews his dating past and gives him a cold, hard dose of reality as she and Dami watch some honest and sometimes surprising video feedback from family members, friends and even exes to show him where it’s all going wrong. 

Oloni sets Dami up on a series of first dates that will challenge him to shake off his bad habits and hopefully become a better dater. As Oloni and Larisa watch on, can Dami ditch the interrogation act, stop being so rude to his dates and actually stay through to the end?

My Mate’s a Bad Date – Saturday 7pm on BBC1

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