My Mate’s a Bad Date

My Mate's a Bad Date

Khalil never remembers his dates’ names, so he calls them all ‘baby girl’ to skirt around it. Obsessed with looking good, he checks himself out in the reflection of a spoon every 20 minutes on dinner dates and thinks it’s impressive to tell boastful, drunken stories. No wonder the ladies don’t come back for a second date! 

Cavan is fed up of his best mate Khalil’s dating fails and Khalil not listening to his advice, so he calls on the help of Gen Z’s most trusted sex and relationships expert, Oloni, to put this 21-year-old Notts boy on the spot and get him to own up to his bad dating habits. Khalil and Oloni watch video feedback from some very honest friends and exes to show him first hand where it’s all going wrong, before Oloni sets Khalil up on a series of first dates that will challenge him to turn him from a bad date to a good date. 

Under the watchful eye of Oloni and Cavan, can Kahlil stop calling his dates ‘baby girl’, can he resist the urge to check himself out and will he take on Oloni’s advice on board and stop telling laddish, drunken stories?

My Mate’s a Bad Date – Tuesday 11pm on BBC3

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