Nicky Morgan replaced on Have I Got News for You – by a handbag

Nicky Morgan replaced on Have I Got News for You – by a handbag

Conservative MP Nicky Morgan has been replaced by a handbag on tonight’s episode of Have I Got News for You.

Morgan pull out of the recording on Wednesday. She is currently in trouble with 10 Downing Street following comments she made in the “trousergate” affair, in which Prime Minister Theresa May was photographed for a newspaper interview wearing flared “bitter chocolate” leather trousers costing £995.

Morgan said: “I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress.” However, old photos have since emerged of Morgan carrying a £950 Mulberry Bayswater handbag into Downing Street. Thus a handbag has replaced her and is teaming up with Paul Merton.

In 1993, a similar incident occurred when Labour MP Roy Hattersley pulled out of a HIGNFY recording, so he was replaced with a tub of lard, again teaming up with Paul. On that occasion, Paul still managed to beat Ian Hislop, despite that the fact that in the “Missing Words” round all of his headlines were from foreign language newspapers.

The human guests on tonight’s episode are comedian Jon Richardson who is with Hislop, and the guest host is football pundit Gary Lineker.

The episode is available on iplayer until January 14 2017