Preview – Obesity: How prejudiced Is The NHS?

Professor Rachel Batterham - Obesity: How prejudiced Is The NHS?

Obesity rates are having a series impact on the NHS, with the medical cost of over-weight related illnesses threatening to bankrupt our health service.

Under constant prejudice, obese patients are often accused of poor lifestyle decisions, with their condition being labled as self-inflicted, but is this prejudice stretching as far as doctors within the NHS?

Professor Rachel Batterham, Head of the obesity services at University College Hospital, explores whether there is ‘fat prejudice’ against obese patients within parts of the NHS that is stopping them accessing a potentially cost effective surgery, even when recent scientific research supports it.

Throughout the documentary she meets with patients who have been made to feel ‘not worthy’ and denied the life-changing bariatric surgery. She also speaks to people that have had the surgery to see how their condition has drastically improved post surgery and visits patients participating in the diet and lifestyle programme that is required before surgery will be offered.

Obesity: How prejudiced Is The NHS?, Tuesday, 9pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC