One Night In Legoland


Alex Brooker, Josh Widdicombe and husband-and-wife comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont experience the childlike joy of an access-all-areas night in Legoland. With free rein to muck about and explore the empty park, the friends soon become giddy in each other’s company, like, well, kids in a Lego shop! During the evening, Alex, Josh, Jon and Lucy drink in some of the world’s most impressive landmarks in Lego form, from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera House, enrol in a high-octane race at the Driving School, and slip behind the doors of the Legoland staff workshop, where they have 15 minutes to build the most impressive Lego model they can. They also attempt to power Lego fire engines and take on the firefighter’s challenge (complete with fireman’s lift), get deep and meaningful on a leisurely river cruise in the dark, and enjoy a typically fastidious midnight feast that Jon has prepared – gourmet vegan style. And all of this in great company and without ever having to wait in line. 

One Night In Legoland – Friday 10pm on Channel 4

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