Film of the Day: Paper Moon

Paper Moon - Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal

Classic American Depression-era comedy road trip starring Ryan O’Neal and daughter Tatum as smooth-talking con artist Moses ‘Moze’ Pray and an even smoother-talking nine-year-old in 1930s Kansas.

They say every con needs a mark, and for experienced grifter Moze, who makes his money scamming door-to-door as a bible salesman, there’s a shock in store, because in this story – he is it!

Addie Loggins, the orphaned youngster of a former flame (who may or may not be his illegitimate daughter – and whom he is supposed to be escorting across country to her surviving relatives), has him measured up after he foolishly tries to profit from her.

Addie’s petite stature and pretty pinafore dress cloak her tough-as-nails tomboy character. She has a natural talent for the grift and once she’s out-manoeuvred and bound Moze into unlikely partnership, the two embark on a spree of cheats, thefts and cross-state bootlegging.

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich, who was on a roll of cracking films that included The Last Picture Show at the time he made this. Paper Moon is a brilliant uplifting comedy – shot in black and white – that hustles from one scrape to another.

Paper Moon

Tuesday at 10.10pm on Sky Cinema.

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