Party Island – Summer in Zante

Party Island - Summer in Zante

It’s late season on the Greek island of Zante. This final episode of the series follows the lives and loves of the workers who keep the resort of Laganas running, as they reflect on how much the summer has changed them. Singers Andi and Yaz came out to Zante to perform in the island’s resorts as an ABBA tribute act. But a live music ban has meant that the girls have been unable to sing – and their money is running out. Alice from Nottingham is on her third season. After a tough time at university forced her to drop out, she has found the one place where she is truly happy. Twenty-two-year-old Ruby from Cardiff and 23-year-old Sophie from Chelmsford each came to Zante alone. The two friends bonded over the break-ups and anxieties that brought them here as they dip their toes into island life. Recent graduate Charlotte is working her third season and stages a version of her graduation ceremony on the Zante shoreline. Elton John tribute act Mark is a last-minute arrival. After lockdowns stole his music, and therefore his sense of self, he’s back in his diamante and feather-clad splendour.

Party Island – Summer in Zante – Monday 10pm on Channel 4

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