Preview: Paul Hollywood Eats … Mexico

Paul Hollywood Eats ... Mexico
Paul drinking agua fresca at Mayapan archaeological site in Yucatan

Paul Hollywood explores the character, culture and history of Mexico through its food and drink, from the sprawling megalopolis of Mexico City to the American border in Tijuana and the Caribbean coast in Cancun.

In this episode, Paul heads on a road trip. He starts in Baja California – now gaining a global reputation for its high-end cuisine – where he’s invited to a massive quinceañera birthday party (a very big deal in Mexico), as long as he brings a cake! Paul also tastes some unusual Mexican staples: fresh cactus in Milpa Alta and insects (the food of the future) in Oaxaca.

He also visits one of Mexico’s best restaurants on the Yucatán Peninsula and ends his week in unique fashion… judging a pasty baking competition in a small mining town with a surprising Cornish heritage!

Paul Hollywood Eats … Mexico – Sunday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.