Pick of the day: Pamela – a love story

Pamela - A Love Story

An intimate and humanising portrait of one of the world’s most famous blonde bombshells, Pamela, a love story follows the trajectory of Pamela Anderson’s life and career from small-town girl to international sex symbol, actress, activist and doting mother.

We all think we know Pamela Anderson, right? Baywatch star, sex symbol to a generation of young men (and probably their dads too). The assumption is set, we know who she is and what she’s done. The 90s and 2000s provided a tabloid frenzy around her relationships, leaked sex tapes, divorces and not so much about her mind – but lots about her body.

It’s safe to say, that is the Pamela Anderson the world is acquainted with.

In Pamela: a love story, Anderson talks about that illusion, using her voice in an empowering and satisfying deconstruction of the industry that fed off her.

She’s now a woman in her 50s. She opens up wearing no makeup. She’s clearly comfortable with her age and who she is. And why should she not be? After all the judgement and muck that has been thrown at her over the past decades, it is refreshing to hear her speak without the axe and grinding stone that many of us would require had we been forced to live under the insatiable glare of tabloids.

Pamela – a love story

From 31 January on Netflix.

Image: Netflix.

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