Preview: Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne

Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne

Series 1, Ep. 4/6 – What’s Your Gender?

The idea of gender is becoming more widely talked about, but it can be a confusing space to navigate. Cara explores different gender identities across the world, unpicks the difference between sex and gender, and confronts her own gender fluidity.

In LA, Cara meets drag performer and trans man Gottmik, and explores how drag can be used to realise and better understand your own gender identity.

Around the world, gender is expressed in diverse ways, with many cultures using their own terms for gender identities.

Planet Sex travels to a three-day festival in Oaxaca, Mexico celebrating Muxe, which has been recognised as a third gender culture by the Zapotec people for over 500 years.

Cara explores the science of gender. Cognitive neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge explain how, using AI, they believe they can track brain patterns on a brain/sex continuum to see whether brains display more masculine or more feminine characteristics or are androgynous, and explain what this means.

In Tokyo, Cara goes behind the showbiz glitz of danso – a gender phenomenon totally unique to Japan, whereby people registered female at birth live and work as men. And at a cutting-edge laboratory in Barcelona, Cara experiences a ‘gender swap’ allowing her to see her own body from a different perspective as she reflects on her own, ongoing gender journey.

Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne

Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Three.

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