Preview: 10 Ways The Victorians Changed Britain

Michael Buerk
Michael Buerk marvels at the machinations of our ancestors. Photo: Channel 5

Journalist and newsreader Michael Buerk is a committed historian, and astonishes at the innovation of the Victorian era. He takes us through the 10 biggest ways the Victorians changed Britain and determined what it would look like today.

A time of prosperity for some, and poverty for many, there is one thing the Victorian era was not: simple. Many of the problems faced early in the era needed solutions to improve people’s lives.

Michael Buerk examines sewers, bridges and trains, including the revolutionary London underground. The programme will also look at advancements in hospitals and surgery, the ships that changed trading forever and seaside holidays.

10 Ways The Victorians Changed Britain – Sunday at 4.10pm on Channel 5