Preview: 1000 Years A Slave

Hugh Quarshie - 1000 Years of Slavery
Hugh Quarshie is exploring the part slavery has played on human history and individual people’s lives. Photo: Channel 5

On the charge sheet of human history, few events have created such an indelible stain as slavery; yet few histories are more important for us to understand.

Actors David Harewood and Hugh Quarshie are among people discovering their own connections to this history. Slavery has underpinned world history for thousands of years, and even today there are millions of people enslaved.

Exploitation and bloodshed are more invisible than they are visible, and with the help of expert historians, our hosts will learn the more subtle ways slavery impacts their histories. How far reaching are its impacts, and what do we take for granted today that was paid for on the backs of forced labourers?

1000 Years A Slave – Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 5