Preview: 24 Hours in A&E

24Hours in A&E

There’s something so compelling about this show – it’s a cross between the ghoulish, sofa rubber-necking of Casualty and eves-dropping intimacy of First Dates – only the dates are generally on hospital gurneys or anxious loved ones considering the broken bodies of significant others.

It’s an award-winning mix, which now in its 18th season shows that there’s plenty more than personal injury lawyers chasing ambulances to St George’s in south-west London.

Ranjan, who’s 64, is transferred to St George’s having collided with a tree after losing control of her car. Her daughter Jaishree happened to be driving home past the scene of the accident and witnessed her mum being cut from her vehicle. The medical team quickly establish that Ranjan has a badly broken ankle that must be quickly re-aligned to give her the best chance of walking normally again. Jaishree joins her at St George’s and, as Ranjan’s treatment continues, we hear of the remarkable strength of a woman who raised children and ran a business single-handedly.

Callum, who’s 20, comes into resus having mysteriously collapsed outside his parents’ bedroom. Doctors are initially concerned he may have a life-threatening head injury before turning their attention to the cause of his collapse. Things take a turn for the worse when Callum begins to have alarming periods of absence in the bay.

As the medical team consult neuro specialists, Callum’s mum and dad recount the story of his birth and the unconventional roles they adopted as they settled into family life.

24 Hours in A&E – Wednesday at 10.35 on Channel 4.