Preview – 24 Hours in Police Custody

Terry detective and team
Terry detective and team

Following on from the award-winning Channel 4 documentary 24 Hours in A&E, 24 Hours in Police Custody follows the detective work of Bedfordshire across a 24-hour period and returns tonight with a new series investigating major crimes.

Tonight’s episode follows the case of a man seen leaving a hotel close to Luton Airport covered in blood and holding a fire extinguisher. He approaches the reception desk shouting that he has killed someone. As the terrified receptionist tries to ring 999, the man grabs the phone, but the police have been alerted and they’re already racing to the scene.

Throughout the series, cameras follow each case in forensic detail as the officers race against time to disentangle the evidence and build a case, which they then put to their suspects in interview.

24 Hours in Police Custody, Monday, 9 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4