Preview – 63 Up

63 Up
(C) ITV.

ITV’s landmark documentary programme returns for its ninth and possibly final series.

Having begun in 1964, looking at the lives of various seven-year-olds across the country, and revisiting them every seven years, the people featured have now all reached 63. There is speculation that this series might be the last as the people involved are now getting on in life.

In this opening episode, we once again meet Tony, who dreamt of being a jockey but eventually became a taxi driver; and Nick, a former Yorkshire farm boy who ended up doing scientific research in the USA. Later episodes feature Lynn, a librarian who lost her job during the last series; and Neil, who at 28 was homeless but at 42 had become a London councillor.

63 Up is at 21.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on ITV.