Preview – 70 Stone: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Saved

70 Stone man

In what is a stark warning towards modern diets and the rise of convenience food, Channel 5’s 70 Stone: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Saved looks at the case of the late Keith Martin. The documentary follows Keith’s struggle with his weight, the causes which triggered his comfort eating and their dire consequences.

Keith Martin, weighing in at a whopping 70 stone, had not left his home in 11 years at the time of filming and further still had not left his bed in the past 2 years. His concern and desire to reverse some of the damage done to his body by his excessive “comfort food” diet led him to contact obesity specialists from East London’s Homerton University Hospital in a bid to prepare for life changing surgery. In a cruel twist of fate however the experts found that the operation would be ineffective and nigh on impossible to carry out unless the man himself shed some of his weight with a strict diet change and exercise. This film documents his journey.


70 Stone: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Saved – Tuesday 10:00pm on Channel 5.