Preview: A House Through Time

David Olusoga
David Olusoga makes the walls talk, and we get to listen. Photo: BBC

Every house has its own story, and David Olusoga wants to know what stories might be lurking behind the re-layering of plaster, the carpeted floors, and the windows, through which many different people have looked.

Following the first episode, David digs into the affairs of the house’s next resident, Benjamin Wild. A ruthless factory owner with a history of questionable business dealings and employee deaths and injuries, did Wild’s luck finally run out when his business was, at last, burned down?

David learns about Mary and Andrew Mellish, whose one-year old fell victim to one of the Victorian city’s deadliest diseases.

The committed pacifists, William and Mary Lucy Whiting are the next occupants of the house, taking a stand against the Boer War. But with nationalism and the empire at its height, their principles came at a cost.

Finally comes Edward Partridge Fearnley who worked on a luxury cruise ship through the 1920s. Edward rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, but his life below decks was anything but glamorous.

A House Through Time – Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Two